Bachelor Nation Is Applauding Chris Harrison For Calling Out Colton's Whack Haircut

Underwood Defended His New Look on Instagram

Just as Chris Harrison promises with every season of The Bachelor, part one of Colton Underwood’s season finale was indeed quite dramatic. The former football player had a tearful, Kim-Kardashian-post-losing-her-earring-in-Bora-Bora-style breakdown after getting rejected by Cassie Randolph and jumping that fence in Portugal. Once the producers tracked him down in the countryside, Underwood was forced to confront the two remaining women, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, to break up with them in front of the cameras and send them packing sans much closure. As if that wasn’t enough drama to keep viewers amply entertained, Underwood added an unexpected cherry on top when he joined Harrison on stage at the live finale taping and debuted a brand-new haircut.

As soon as Underwood revealed his new look, which features early 2000s-esque spiky tips on top and a closer-cropped trim on the sides, viewers couldn’t help but share their opinions about his divisive cut. Some compared his gravity-defying hair to that of Cameron Diaz’s character in that infamous There’s Something About Mary scene. Many were curious what brand of hair gel he used to craft those wave-like tips. Others likened it to Guy Fieri, Sharkboy from Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and just about every other spiky-haired character in between.

After getting a load of the fan reactions on social media, Harrison couldn’t help but clue in Underwood, bluntly saying, “I think your new haircut has broken Twitter.” Keep reading to see all the funny memes and tweets about Underwood’s fresh hairstyle. It’s safe to say this just might be the most dramatic hair transformation in Bachelor history.

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