26 wounded in missile attack by Houthi rebels at Saudi airport: report

Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen claim responsibility for drone attacks on Saudi oil pipelines

The Pentagon increases America’s military footprint in the Middle East to counter an unspecified Iranian threat to U.S. troops.

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen says 26 people have been wounded in a missile attack as Yemen's Houthi rebels targeted an airport in the kingdom's southwestern town of Abha.

The attack on Wednesday comes as Japan's prime minister is expected in Iran to mediate between Tehran and Washington amid escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf regions.

Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki says a projectile struck the arrival hall of Abha's airport in the southern part of the kingdom near its border with Yemen on Wednesday. That's according to Saudi Arabia's state-run Al-Ekhabriya news channel.

He says three women and two children are among the 26 hurt in the attack. Eight have been hospitalized and the rest sustained minor injuries. The Houthis earlier on Wednesday claimed they'd launched a cruise missile at the Abha airport.

Saudi Arabia has been at war against the Iranian-allied Houthis in Yemen since 2015. The kingdom accuses Iran of arming the rebels, which Iran denies.

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