Hey Now, Hey Now, Hilary Duff's New Tattoo Is What Dreams Are Made Of


Hilary Duff’s New Tattoo

Hilary Duff’s new tattoo is so cool, you’ll feel like a Lizzie McGuire-obsessed preteen again. Duff posted an Instagram gallery that included an image of herself getting tattooed by artist Winter Stone, as well as a photo of the new minimalist ink. The new art features fine line work in a sunburst pattern with a few small dots at the center and perimeter of the piece. In Duff’s caption, she commented that the art was a “bright addition” to her arm.

This isn’t the first time Duff has shared her new tattoos on Instagram. The Younger actress also revealed a rose tattoo by Dr. Woo on the platform in 2016.

Admire Duff’s inks ahead, and prepare to reinvigorate your diehard fandom of the actress.

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