How to use the makeup you already have to do two (or more) jobs

If you’re sick of staring into your makeup bag and wondering where you went wrong on your quest for a more amazing you, step back and take another look. Chances are what you have in that bag full of big beauty promises can be used in many more ways than you realise.

Casting a fresh eye over what you already own will change the look of your beauty routine and save you parting with more money when there is plenty of life, and potential, in what you have. So, in the interests of fresh beauty horizons, here are my top tips on how to hack what you already own and use it in totally new ways.

Makeup is costly, but the products likely to be already in your makeup bag can often be used in new ways.Credit:malyugin

Interchangeable hues

Eye shadows and powder blushes are commonly made of similar ingredient, and therefore are pretty interchangeable. I often use a blusher or bronzer on my eyes, and sometimes even a well-toned eyeshadow as a blush. This gives you way more bang for your buck as these products are now doing two jobs.

Flexible lipstick

I love a lipstick, but I don’t just limit them to my lips; often I apply lipstick and then place my finger on the newly-done lips so that it takes up a touch of colour, and then use that as a cream blush. Not only is it very effective, it produces a beautiful, toned blusher that sits incredibly well next to my lipstick, while also being super quick.

If you are tired of that same shade of lipstick that you’re always using, start mixing. Blend lipsticks and even glosses together to give you new colours to play with. Apply whichever colour you want to be more prominent last.

Highlighter hybrid

We Aussies love a highlighter, I’m pretty sure we are the world’s biggest highlighter purchasers. A highlighter liquid is a great mixing tool. Mix it with your foundation in a 1-4 ratio to get beautiful, glowing skin.

The more golden glow you want the more highlighter you add. This is a great trick for a party.

I love a "sculpted" look and often do a light contour to achieve that. Contouring is generally more effective at night , under soft lighting. But if I want a little help during the day, I will pick up my bronzing powder and start shading. Apply it lightly in the hollows of your cheeks and just under your jawline to reduce the appearance of a "double" chin.

Lasting lips

Need that lipstick to really last through your summer picnic on the beach? Then pick up your lip liner and start colouring in. A lip liner contains harder waxes and less oils than a standard lipstick, so is far more durable than most and can survive many kisses.

Brow tips

We’ve been brow-obsessed for the last couple of years and as a the result there are a million brow products on the market. You may already have what you need to achieve the well-kept look in your bag, without realising it.

A clear mascara to hold brows in place, and a matt eye shadow similar to your hair colour can double as a brow tint. Just fill in your brows lightly with eye shadow powder and brush in to place.

If you haven’t got a clear mascara, then spray your hair spray onto a spoolie and use that instead.

Foundation options

You may own several different foundations, because, like plenty of consumers, you feel you can never get just the right colour. A good way to achieve a wearable result is to mix what you already own together on your hand to get your exact skin tone.

I do this throughout the year to work with my changing skin tone.

Intensifying eye shadow

Not happy with your eye shadows and want something new? Pick up your eye shadow brush or a sponge and wet it down with water. Just damp will do. Swipe that onto your eye shadow,  to intensify the colour you already own. You can even use it as an eyeliner with a small angled brush.

Sheer boost

If you feel like just a light foundation in summer and not your usual full coverage, then pick up your moisturiser or (even better) sunscreen, and mix it with foundation on your hand. Not only will you be protected from the sun, you will achieve a beautiful sheer glow will scream "summer".

Bernadette Fisers is a makeup artist and the author of The Little Book of Big Beauty, out now,  Penguin Random House, RRP $22.99

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