Leyna Bloom Talks Activism And Taking Control In New Dior Short Film

Whether or not she’s walking down red carpets, Leyna Bloom always has her chin up. Her posture is confident, which is fitting for the multi-talent with unwavering nerve and striking beauty.

Featured in Christian Dior Parfums’ new short film portrait series Dior Stands with Women, Bloom, who is a self-affirming transgender woman of color, says walking with her chin up is a form of activism. “And the next generation needs to see that,” said Bloom.

“They need to see women like us, in the position where we can take control.” And the Dior Stands with Women initiative aims to do just that by sharing stories of 10 extraordinary figures.

“People that think that women shouldn’t speak or shouldn’t have power or shouldn’t be seen in these spaces, I’m showing them that we can do it. We have the brains, we have the beauty, we have the nerve to do it,” Bloom continued. “We run this world. And we need to be in the position so people can see that.” 


With the hashtag #DIORCHINUP, you can check out more inspiring stories from exceptional women on YouTube, including actress and producer Charlize Theron.

Dior partnered with Theron, who is a brand ambassador, to support the CTAOP (Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project ) Youth Leaders Scholarship, which will cover college tuition for South African students who are highly involved in their communities.

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