'Real life' vampire woman has permanent fangs and can 'smell blood from far'

A woman dedicated to transforming her look into a vampire has had permanent fangs fitted in and says she can smell blood from a distance.

Mum Julia Kumpulainen, from Finland, became obsessed with the aesthetics of a vampire in 2012 and said she could relate to their traits.

So the 24-year-old from Kotka found a cosmetic dentist who helped give her fangs, a procedure which set her back £430 (€500).

Despite having jaw pain and struggling to eat with her sharpened teeth, Julia loves her look and enjoys drinking blood too.

But she never cuts herself or others for the sake of drinking. Julia only sucks blood from any wounds that might appear.

Julia, who is a mum to Elli, 4, says that her daughter loves her fangs and some people even mistake her for a real vampire and run away in fear.

‘I was always the weird kid, and when I first ever heard about vampires, I knew I wanted to be one, or at least look like one,’ said Julia.

‘I started developing vampiric habits as a teenager, following “how to seem like a vampire” articles religiously.’

For years Julia wore fake Halloween fangs but they caused her pain. So she was delighted when she found a cosmetic dentist who could file her teeth.

Julia hopes to make them sharper in future. While she loves them, strangers aren’t so keen. But some ask if she can bite them.

She added: ‘If I’m at a bar, I get people asking if they could take pictures or if I could bite them. I won’t.

‘I’ve only had problems with talking to older people and sometimes that I get too deep in this whole vampire thing.’

She draws similarities to movie vampires, saying: ‘I share a lot of characteristics with movie vampires really; I don’t like the sun as I get burnt easily. Just like a Twilight vampire, I’m so pale I could sparkle’.

Of her ability to smell blood, she says: ‘I don’t know how or why, but I can smell blood/metal from a small distance which is a nuisance because yes, I think blood has a good flavour to it but no, I’m still not going all sanguine about it.

‘Most of the times I’ve smelled blood somewhere is that there has been a fight somewhere near and I find puddles of blood somewhere.

‘It’s a weird thing really; I get some sort of a rush when I taste or smell blood. If I get a paper wound or something, yes, I taste the blood, but I don’t cut myself to drink my own blood – it’s already in me so why bother?’

Her vampire get-up has affected her dating life. Her current partner doesn’t let her bite him as often as he used to. Julia thinks he’s scared of getting bit too hard.

She continued: ‘In a dreamworld being a vampire means never having to see the sun, living forever and enjoying your undead life to the fullest when it’s dark.

‘But because the world works how humans want it to, everything happens during the daytime. So, in other words, I’m a day-walker.

‘The main message I want to spread is to inspire others to be themselves. Just go and be you, whether it’s a vampire or a unicorn.’

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