Timothée Chalamet’s haircut regret comments are so relatable, it hurts

For his new Netflix movie The King, the actor confessed that getting his hair cut in a particularly dated style was “anxiety inducing”, a feeling that all women can relate to.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that moment in the hairdresser’s chair when, upon glimpsing our reflection in the mirror for the first time, we are hit with a wave of anxiety.

“It’s great!” we whisper, through gritted teeth, a rictus grin plastered on our face. “I love it!”

Well, rest assured that you’re not the only one who has felt anxiety in the hairdressers chair. Timothée Chalamet has revealed that, after getting his beautifully languid head of curls shorn into a bowl cut for his new Henry V-based Netflix movie The King he suffered from serious nerves.

“At first it was anxiety inducing,” Chalamet revealed to Variety. But, like a true artiste, the Oscar-nominated star suffered for his work. “It was like, nah, this has to be done,” he explained. The actor hopes that the proof is in the pudding: “You can kind of see those period movies, without shading anybody, but where they didn’t fully, you know, you didn’t know what they were going for. And hopefully this is not that.” 

When the first images of Chalamet’s bowl cut were unveiled in a trailer for the film, social media erupted. How could the 23-year-old actor, so renowned for his head of hair, allow this egregious act of hair erasure to occur? Who did this? We want names! 

And he’s not the only actor in The King to break the internet with some extremely forward hairstyle decisions.

Chalamet’s co-star Robert Pattinson turns up in the movie sporting a tousled, choppy, balayaged blonde lob – this season’s most on-trend hairstyle. The look is so trendy, in fact, that fans used social media to voice their intention to march straight into the next salon, book an appointment and demand that they receive the ‘Robert Pattinson’.

Pattinson’s choppy bob is serving some serious chaotic good energy. It is the haircut of busy people the world over who need a style that is going to work as hard as they will. (Shout out to my fellow Capricorns.)

So what if the Dauphin of France, despite his nice armour. fabulous hair and vastly superior skills on the battlefield, doesn’t get a happy ending in his interactions with Henry V? (Spoiler alert, I suppose, for… history? And Shakespeare?)

In the battle of the hairstyles in The King, it doesn’t matter what Chalamet and his bowl cut do onscreen. Pattinson is the real winner. 

The King premieres at the London Film Festival this week and will stream on Netflix from 1 November. 

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