Andrea Savage on chemistry with TV husband in ‘I’m Sorry’

“I’m Sorry” creator and actress Andrea Savage has revealed the secret behind the chemistry with her on-screen husband Tom Everett Scott.

“Spoiler alert, Tom and I are not actually married. We’re both happily married to other people, I’m sorry,” Savage, 45, said during a Q&A at the Season 2 premiere of “I’m Sorry” Tuesday at the Crosby Street Hotel. “But you [speaking to Scott] always said that I was a little bit like your wife and the dynamic you guys have and you’re a little bit like my husband so … we kind of already naturally were [in] those roles a little bit in our own relationships.”

On the show, Savage plays a crass comedian who is the mother to Amelia (Olive Petrucci,) and married to Mike (played by Scott), her level-headed spouse who has a charming appreciation for her vulgar sense of humor.

For Scott, the TV romance was there since the beginning.

“Since day one … we hit it off and I think that when you see the relationship between Mike and Andrea you believe they’re a real couple and you enjoy that they enjoy each other,” the 48-year-old actor said at the event hosted by Bustle and trueTV.

Savage disclosed how Scott was cast, joking that he “sort of forced his way in” after she wrote him a letter.

“I didn’t know Tom and we’d never met before but there was something about what I knew about him and I didn’t necessarily want someone who was deep in my comedy circle who was going to be playing it big for the comedy,” she said. “I wanted a really good actor who could also do comedy who we could play against and I literally wrote [Scott] a random letter and was like, ‘Here’s the script. Do you want to do this?”

“It was a very nice letter,” Scott added. “I was like, ‘who is this person who really wants to work with me?’ … Then I read the script and the first scene, season one about the vagina being large and then small, and I was in.”

Season 2, which premiered Wednesday, continues to explore complex and cringe-worthy moments parents encounter while raising a child, like racism, puberty, and bullying.

Savage also revealed that guest stars this season include Adam Scott, Lennon Parham, June Diane Raphael, and Paul Scheer. New episodes air on Wednesdays at 10/9c on truTV.

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