Angelica Hale Reveals the Inspiration Behind Her Original Songs!

Angelica Hale is growing as an artist!

The 11-year-old America’s Got Talent runner-up stopped by AfterBuzz TV to talk about her new music and more in an episode that debuted Friday (May 24).

“It’s just been such an amazing experience, knowing that I finally reached this destination. We’ve been working towards this…it’s been a while. Let me just say it has,” Hale said of finally releasing her new music. “It has been really rewarding being able to do this. We’ve been doing a lot of planning towards this because we want to do it right.”

Angelica also opened up about where she gets the inspiration for her original music.

“I get my creativity from my family,” she said. “I actually love reading books. I’ve always been super imaginative and being able to put my thoughts and my soul into my own songs, really has been an awesome thing. I mean getting to put out my own music and people getting to hear my very own songs, it’s such a surreal thing.”

Watch Angelica’s full interview below:
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