Bebe Rexha ‘Not Ashamed’ Of Bipolar Diagnosis

Bebe Rexha took to social media on Monday to reveal that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but said she is not ashamed about her condition and asked fans to accept her for what she is and not feel sorry for her.

“For the longest time, I didn’t understand why I felt so sick. Why I felt lows that made me not want to leave my house or be around people and why I felt highs that wouldn’t let me sleep, wouldn’t let me stop working or creating music. Now I know why,” Rexha posted on Twitter.

She added, “I’m bipolar and I’m not ashamed anymore. That is all. (Crying my eyes out.)”

Rexha shared the news on her Instagram account as well, posting a screenshot of the tweet with the caption, “Honesty is a form of self love.”

Rexha wrote about her upcoming album in another tweet, saying, “This next album will be my favorite album ever because I’m not holding anything back. I love you all very much. And I hope you accept me as I am.”

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