Bill Hader Finally Met ‘Dateline’s Keith Morrison: ‘I Was Freaking Out’!

Bill Hader stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (May 14) and revealed he that he finally met one his heroes, Dateline‘s Keith Morrison!

If you remember correctly, the Barry star would memorably imitate Keith on SNL as one of his signature characters. “He’s one of my personal heroes, he makes me laugh, I don’t know if you know him,” Bill told the audience. “He likes to tell terrible crime stories in a very sing-song kind of way. I met him today!”

“It was like meeting the Beatles, I was freaking out,” Bill added. “I was nervous but he was very sweet.”

Bill also talked about his cameo in John Mulaney‘s episode of SNL, tells stories about Fred Armisen pranking Seth Meyers and Colin Jost, and dished about how Barry is getting a ratings bump from Game of Thrones – Watch more after the cut!

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