Buckcherry Drops New Single ‘Bent’

Buckcherry have dropped “Bent,” a new song from their upcoming album, Warpaint.

Speaking about the song, Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd said, “‘Bent’ is one of those songs that is filled with PASSION and you are engaged as a listener from the get go.”

“When I wrote the lyrics to ‘Bent’ I felt like my back was against the wall with so many forces in my life pushing me to dig deeper than I ever had and get out of my comfort zone. This is exactly what the Warpaint record is about and it’s a great from beginning to end,” he added.

Warpaint is set to release on March 8.

Track listing:

1. Warpaint
2. The Alarm
3. Bent
4. Radio Song
5. Closer
6. Back Down
7. The Vacuum
8. No Regrets
9. The Hunger
10. The Devil’s In The Details
11. Right Now
12. Head Like A Hole

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