Catelynn Lowell Laughs Off Rude Comments Questioning Paternity of Her Newborn Daughter Velda

AceShowbizCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are still overjoyed, one month after the birth of their daughter Vaeda Luma. On Wednesday, March 20, the proud parents took to Instagram to share new photos of the infant.

“Vaeda is a month old this week & idk how it’s possible, but she keeps getting cuter!” Tyler captioned the photo showing her daughter lying on a gray blanket wearing a pink-and-white onesie while staring at the camera.

Catelynn additionally shared pictures of Vaeda which seemed to be taken just weeks after the baby’s arrival. “I’m obsessed and so is Novalee!” she wrote in the caption, mentioning her older daughter and Vaeda’s sister Novalee Reign.

While people would normally gush about how cute and adorable the little girl is, some got nasty and left harsh comments on Tyler’s post. They were doubting that Tyler is the father of Vaeda and suggested that Catelynn might have cheated with another guy, who might be the father of her newborn daughter.

“Dude you gotta hit up that genetic testing,” one follower suggested to Tyler. “Who’s the daddy?” another asked. “This isn’t his baby,” someone else claimed. “Bruh, Cate cheated,” another suggested.

Noticing the rude comments, Catelynn sarcastically wrote in Tyler’s comment section, “Sorry baby I totally cheated and Vaeda’s not yours.” She added the hashtags #peoplearecrazy and #comeon.

Meanwhile, Tyler seemed to be more fired up. He hit back at the haters as writing, “Wow. I’m actually just appalled at the ridiculously asinine comments about my newborn. We live in a world that is so divided, judgmental, self righteous & opinionated…& unfortunately it’s very evident with these comments.”

“Respectful MATURITY is having a strong opinion & voicing it when necessary,” he continued in a comment of his own post. “Disrespectful IMMATURITY is having a strong opinion & voicing it when it is NOT NECESSARY. Your deity knows all of your thoughts…but evil can only hear what comes out of your mouth.”

Tyler encouraged his fans to “live with love & speak with peace,” adding “or karma is not going to be your ally, I can guarantee that!” Sharing the screengrab of his comment on Instagram Stories, he added a caption which read, “Where is all the love people!?”

Catelynn and Tyler are also parents to 4-year-old Novalee. The couple gave up their first daughter Carly for an open adoption in 2009 as seen on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant“, but they remain involved in the girl’s life.

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