Celebs Go Dating’s Ulrika Jonsson fumes date is ‘practically dead’ as he’s 58

Celebs Go Dating turned awkward when Ulrika Jonsson was introduced to her date on a virtual platform.

The former Gladiators presenter, 54, complained to romance experts Paul Carrick Brunson and Anna Williamson that the man on the screen was "too old".

Seemingly disappointed with the next candidate named Steve she fumed: "Oh Jesus I see an older man. He's 58, he's practically dying."

Match-maker Paul chirped back: "You checked out when you saw that, now check back in."

Looking at the laptop for a second time, she beamed loudly: "Ding f***ing dong."

Paul laughed: "He's going to give you a great time, isn't he?"

Ulrika added: "He b****y well is."

The TV personality did attend the date with Steve but seemed to be a tad put off when talk turned to "medical aliments".

Steve explained to Ulrika that he'd "dislocated his shoulder" after she'd cracked a joke about "arthritic" issues.

The conversation heated-up when the singletons got onto the subject of "cleaning".

Ulrika said: "Steve we could do a cleaning date, am I turning you on?"

"More than you'd ever know," replied her date.

While the passion wasn't burning between the twosome, Ulrika did confess to Steve that she'd had a "lovely time".

She said: "It's been a really-really lovely evening. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Speaking off camera, Ulrika wasn't that enthused as the TV star didn't feel the urge to rip his clothes off.

The former presenter explained: "I did find we were talking a lot about being old and aches and pains. I suddenly realised that's not a very cool thing to be talking about.

"I reckon we could have a really lovely time together but I don't know about sexy time."

Recently Ulrika appeared on Loose Women, telling the panel she finds younger men "refreshing".

The Gladiators star commented: "Recent ones, I've only really had dates, I guess, I've not had a relationship with anybody – but the dates have been a little younger, yes.

"They didn't know I was Ulrika Jonsson, which was great."

She added: "That's the dream, to have someone just take you for who you are. I guess the youngest was 26. So yeah 26, 30-ish."

Celebs Go Dating airs Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4

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