Celine Dion: fashion, grooming, hair and nails change your demeanor

Celine Dion has been having a hot girl summer: she’s been sporting fun hair styles, cavorting around Paris in beautiful clothes, and giving away some of her 5,000 pairs of shoes to fans. Celine is also prepping for her world tour. Given her latest fashion, it’s no surprise that she told Allure that taking the time to do her hair and put on a great outfit and makeup is a confidence-booster:

“When I was young and having problems with my teeth, very, very skinny, not feeling pretty, and being bullied at school, I would never have thought that L’Oréal Paris would one day ask me, at 51 years old, to become an ambassador,” Dion tells Allure. And while fans may see it as a natural or even long-overdue fit, she sees it differently: “It’s a miracle.”

No matter how she’s felt about her appearance, Dion has always found strength in other deep aspects of her life. “Singing was a way for me to express myself, to feel supported and not judged. Over the last couple of years, I feel like I’ve grown strong and happy through dance, through friendship, through motherhood. It’s inside out,” she says. However, she has also learned to harness elements of beauty to build on the confidence music and relationships have given her, adding, “But the things we put on ourselves: the cream, the hair color, the conditioner, the nails, the makeup, a good outfit — it changes my demeanor.”

Today, nearly four decades after starting her career as a recording artist, she says, “I’ve never felt as beautiful, or so in charge. When you do feel in charge, it gives you an extra voice. Even though I still use my voice for singing, I now have a little [extra] voice for raising my children, for making decisions. I even have a new album coming out.”

[From Allure]

I love interviews with Celine because she seems to be loving her life right now. It’s great to read about a woman who is confident and who is claiming her power (or, her “voice,” as Celine puts it here). She is a perfect global ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. I agree with her about how great hair, clothes, and makeup can give you a bit of a boost: I notice that on days when I feel good about what I’m wearing and how my hair is behaving, I feel better overall. (I don’t usually wear makeup.) The past several weeks have been a bit bonkers in my neck of the woods, so on Saturday, I went and got a pedicure, and seeing my bubblegum-pink toenails instantly made me happier and I felt a tad more self-assured and optimistic. Celine is a bit more than a decade older, and I hope that when I’m 51, I’ll feel similarly settled in who I am and as confident as she seems to be.

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