Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host warns Billie Piper ‘No need for that on your ex’s show!’

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Chris Evans, 54, featured his ex-wife Billie Piper on his show on Wednesday to talk about her latest Sky comedy drama I Hate Suzi. The pair have remained friends since their divorce in 2007, and the former BBC star often invites her on the airwaves for a chat. Yesterday morning, Billie wanted to thank the producer of I Hate Suzi, which focuses on a young girl’s stardom and how her life is upended when pictures of her in a compromising position end up online after her phone is hacked.

No need for that on your ex’s show!

Chris Evans

“Here’s one thing I’d like to say about the show, you know who never gets shoutout?” Billie began.

“The producer who runs the whole thing, Andrea Dewsbury, the best I’ve ever worked with. She’s amazing, a legend and I love her.”

Chris joked: “This sounds like your awards speech!”

“When is the first awards event that this could be up for?”

Billie began to giggle as Chris explained to listeners there was a sudden change of mood in the studio.

“Look at you! Look, listen as the expression and changes as we move onto the next chapter!” he howled.

But Billie was quick to shut down any awards talk, just incase he jinxed it.

“Don’t tempt fate!” she moaned as Chris laughed.

“Oh, of course it’s going to win everything!” he reassured her.

But having grown up in the spotlight, the actress is aware of the competition between other shows and their elements.

“Who knows, there’s some tough competition,” she said of I Hate Suzi’s competitors.

But her ex-hubby wasn’t having any of that.

“Oh, getting all sensible,” he mocked as the studio team began to laugh.

“No need for that on your ex’s show!”

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Billie previously opened up about how she’d drawn on some aspects of her own life in order to play character Suzi Pickles.

But she made very clear that the show isn’t totally autobiographical, worried that the eight-part series would be taken “too literally”.

Despite her reservations on the topic, she admits to drawing on her own fame and her anxiety was “key” to the drama’s emotional heart.

“I know exactly what that feels like and I’m sure it feeds into my performance,” she said.

“I’m only coming to terms with a lot of it right now.”

“So much so that she can’t recall much of her 20s.

“In my 20s a lot of my stress from that period was buried, and I still struggle to remember a lot of it.”

But Billie said she “doesn’t regret” any of it, and is extremely thankful for where she is now in life.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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