Chris Pine went grocery shopping with his girlfriend Annabelle Wallis in LA

To his credit, I suppose, Chris Pine isn’t sending out his assistant to do his shopping for him during California’s “shelter in place” order. For the past few weeks, Pine has been doing his own grocery shopping with his current girlfriend Annabelle Wallis. Annabelle is British, but I guess she’s just been on lockdown in California this whole time with Pine, and at this point, it would be stupid for her to try to fly back home.

This is the second time in a week that Pine and Wallis have been photographed grocery shopping. They don’t seem to be hoarding, overbuying or panic-buying – Pine left Gelson’s with only two paper bags of groceries. This is what has been recommended – people should avoid hoarding, people should buy supplies for a week and that’s it. That being said, some public-health experts have been raising the alarm that grocery stores are likely viral hotspots because so many people are stocking up and crowding grocery stores these days.

And now I’m sitting here, trying to imagine what it would be like to be quarantined with Chris Pine. His white Birkenstocks would annoy me, but I would enjoy his clingy hoodies and his general offbeat style. Plus, you know, all of the quarantine sex. I bet Pine is hot in this kind of lockdown-crisis. I bet he’s bossy and he knows how to cook. I can’t believe he’s not growing out a quarantine beard though! I have been enjoying all of the quarantine beards on famous dudes, honestly.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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