Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Favorite Gag Gifts

The model and cookbook chef shares her go-to gag gifts.

For most of us, holiday shopping has reached a fever pitch. Celebrities are scrambling as well, looking for the perfect gifts to give to their friends and loved ones. But some stars have a plan of attack for dealing with lengthy wish-lists and shopping stress. Chrissy Teigen recently shared with Bustle how she handles the holiday gift-giving experience — and which gag gift is always on her shopping list.

Unsurprisingly for the model, cookbook author, and hardcore foodie, Teigen’s list of suggested gifts is decidedly delicious. And like most of us out there, she’s not above relying on Amazon for ideas. In fact, their recommendations have helped her finish off plenty of her shopping this season.

“I really am such an Amazon shopper, and whatever they recommend, I’m like, that is a good recommendation. I love it,” she told Bustle.

Generally, Teigen likes her gifts to be thoughtful and sweet, tailored to the person she’s giving it to. She suggests taking time on deciding which gifts would work best for certain people, and takes a lot of pride in picking the perfect present. That being said, the supermodel also has a weakness for corny gag gifts.

“I buy things like that all the time because I think they’re funny,” she said in the interview. “I bought a theater industrial-sized nacho machine that holds [a huge] bag of cheese. [I’ve also bought] a hot dog roller, like the ones at 7- Eleven that doesn’t even cook them, it just, like, warms them for hours. I buy dumb stuff all day, basically.”

While everyone isn’t always on board with some of her stranger purchases, Teigen takes genuine joy in both the giving and receiving of these often weird — sometimes silly — but always entertaining items.

Another weird device Teigen can’t get enough of? The Rollie Eggmaster, which takes your eggs and turns them into cooked, hotdog-shaped cylinders. The bestselling cookbook author is a big fan, and makes no apologies for her sometimes quirky gift-giving habits.

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“I take pride in the silly, dumb things,” she told interviewers. I don’t know, they make me happy at least.”

And this looks to be a very happy holiday for the Teigen-Legend household, as Chrissy and husband John Legend prepare to celebrate the season with their two small children. Teigen has been sharing tons of photos on Instagram of Luna, 2, and Miles, 6 months, as the couple gets into the festive spirit — gag gifts not included.

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