Clare Crawley and Dale Moss: Already Engaged?!?

Producers and fans alike are still trying to figure out how replacing Clare Crawley with Tayshia Adams will work. These are untested waters.

Clare, in the mean time, is living her best life … and happily engaged.

Life & Style is now reporting that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are engaged.

As if it were not stunning enough to hear that they fell in love so hard that Clare allegedly quit the show …

… The two of them just hit fast forward on the whole season and skipped to end. If true, that is wildly bonkers.

Last week, we heard the shocking story that Clare has “already fallen in love” with Dale.

A lot of leading men and ladies in the franchise have gone on to reveal that they knew their frontrunner early on.

That is, after all, prat of the role that the First Impression Rose plays — signifying that someone caught their interest right away.

But just 12 days into filming, Clare allegedly refused to leave her room to begin filming.

“She told producers she no longer wanted to participate in the show,” a source described at the time.

That same insider said that producers were “blindsided” and that they were “scrambling to figure out what to do.”

Part of the idea of bringing on Clare as The Bachelorette is that she is a grown woman. At 39, she is actually old enough to get married.

Having appeared on the franchise for years, she’s a pro, and production loved her.

Plus, it was hoped that she would elevate the general maturity level on the show.

So much for that.

Instead, if these reports are true — and it is increasingly sounding like they may be — Clare refused to even go through the motions of the rest of her season.

Some say that it was love at first sight. Some say that she just liked how he filled out a shirt. And some say that Clare and Dale secretly met before filming.

Regardless of what exactly went into Clare’s decision, she is off of the show and apparently engaged.

Reportedly, producers have moved on with a plan to “match [Tayshia] up with the bachelors who are left.”

That seems wildly unfair to Tayshia, whose tastes may vary from Clare, who has already eliminated a number of suitors.

Considering all of the effort that has gone into casting these men, sources say that “execs hope the guys will still want to participate.” 

“It took them time to test them all for COVID,” insiders have noted.

“And,” a source previously added, “they’ve already been quarantined at the resort for 14 days.”

Tayshia is hot and gorgeous, so none of her suitors should have any issues.

It is Tayshia who has to settle for a very different woman’s seconds instead of getting a crowd catering to her own tastes.

Still, if Clare somehow found love in just 12 days — if that is what happened — then we are optimistic that Tayshia can turn these lemons into lemonade.

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