Country star Coffey Anderson on how he leans on faith during wife's cancer battle

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NEW YORK – Country singer Coffey Anderson and his wife, hip-hop dancer Criscilla, are letting fans into their world in the couple's new reality TV show, "Country Ever After."

The pair is peeling back the curtain on how they balance parenting and professional lives all while Criscilla, 40, battles stage 4 colon cancer.

Coffey, 42, spoke with Fox News about how faith has played a pivotal role in his life and how he's leaning on it during Criscilla's health journey. 

"I want people to take away that anything can be beaten if you do it together and if one person can beat cancer, you can too," he said.

"Everyone is going to have their [down] moments and one thing about our family that we cheer for each other," the musician described. "We want other people to have the Team Anderson mentality of we're gonna fight for each other and not with each other. I think that that makes such a difference when you're fighting a monster like cancer."

The mother of three was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2018 and has been open about her treatment regime and plan to beat the disease.

Coffey and Criscilla Anderson have never lost their faith as she battled stage 4 colon cancer. 

In the Netflix series, Coffey and Criscilla speak openly about their faith and the cameras often capture the family praying together.

"We do believe in praying and we do believe in having moments and we do believe in God. And for us, [faith] is such a part of who we are and we don't judge anybody," Coffey said. "We lean on our faith for strength, for encouragement."


"Maybe that's not for everybody. Maybe it is for somebody. And if we're going to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let's also talk about the beautiful. Let's also talk about the funny. Let's talk about the goofy. Let's just talk about the spiritual side, because there are different sides to all of us," he added.

The entertainer's music career is also documented in the series and Coffey has risen to fame despite not having formal management. His videos on social media have reached more than 50 million people and he frequently makes personalized songs/messages for fans who request them for special occasions. 

Coffey and Criscilla share three children: (L-R) Ethan, Everleigh, and Emmarie 

Right now he's using music as his "therapy" to "clear his mind" and give him a break from his caretaker responsibilities. 

"There's just something so therapeutic about music, me singing it, writing it. And there are songs that I've written in the midst of this that will never see the light of day because it was my therapy session. It was my outlet," he confessed.


Ultimately, Coffey wants his fans and viewers of the series to know that "broken people still function" and life is going to throw you lots of curveballs that test your strength but you have to "keep showing up."

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