DeAnna Pappas Says Clare Is Feeling "Really Down" About 'Bachelorette' Editing

Based on her always-dramatic Twitter Likes, it seems pretty clear that Clare Crawley is less than thrilled by the way this season of The Bachelorette has turned out. And now her friend DeAnna Pappas has basically confirmed that she’s super upset about how the show has been edited—not to mention the backlash from fans.

DeAnna also implied that Clare and Dale Moss are still together, saying “Whatever the outcome is tomorrow night, she’s going to walk away and she’s gonna be able to move on and hopefully have someone that she genuinely loves and can be with and people will forget about this. They’ll move on.” Emphasis on THEY’LL.

As a reminder, Clare previously implied that she was forced out of The Bachelorette by producers—which Chris Harrison has since denied—so go ahead and read about that below:

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