Demi Lovato speaks out about near fatal overdose and precautions she now takes

Demi Lovato has been on a slow programme of recovery from a near fatal overdose and the 27-year-old singer has detailed her darkest moments.

It has been quite a turnaround in the past 18 months for the former child star, who has pulled herself away from the brink to a couple of life highlights on the horizon.

With a performance at the Grammys coming up on Sunday and singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl a week later, Demi is about to ride the crest of a wave of stardom once again.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Beats One, Demi has said that she is now taking precautions to ensure that fame doesn't ruin her for a second time.

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In the candid interview, Demi said: "I feel like you can use things to cope in life and music has been a huge coping mechanism for me.

"It's been very therapeutic for me, but there's only so much that music can do before you have to take responsibility and you have to take the initiative to get the help that you need."

Revealing how she will stay on the right path in the future, Demi said that cutting out bad influences and finding a supportive circle of friends is imperitive.

She said: "The help that I got was from people that I had met at new treatment centers or new doctors, new people like that that have been really helpful and beneficial to the journey and the life that I'm living today."

Demi added that negative influences had to be cut out: "I think that as you meet people and as people come into your life, you still have to make a decision every time of like, is this somebody that I want around, you know?

"And if it's somebody that's a good influence on you and supportive of the life that you want to live, then keep them.

"But if they're not, if it's not conducive to your journey that you want to be on, there's no need for them to be in your life."

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Demi believes that becoming older and wiser has helped her realise who is worth having in her group and who needs to be avoided.

She continued: "I think it's just a part of growing up. As people come into your life, as you meet people, you learn for your entire life, red flags; things to look for.

"Unless you're like 100-years-old with a bunch of life experience, you're never going to know right away who's good for you and who's not. Sometimes you get fooled.

"Sometimes you get into relationships that you think are healthy and then you realise, 'Wow, that actually wasn't healthy at all.' It's not that you're not cautious of it – you're not aware.

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"It's just you don't realise it till later until they do something or you do something and it's like, 'Oh, this isn't working out.' I kind of find that continues to happen and it's just a learning experience at each time."

With time under the spotlight coming up, Demi revealed what precautions she was taking to avoid slipping back into the darkness.

She continued: "Something that I've done already is take off the tags on Instagram. So I can't see what people tag me in – I'm pretty sure I've taken off the comments on everything, too.

"Something I've dealt with in the past is having these really incredible experiences like the Grammys or tour or concerts or things like that.

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"I have to be aware of like, okay, I'm going to crash because my adrenaline is going to go all weekend, and then I'm going to have this performance.

"Whether it goes great or not, my adrenaline is going to come crashing down come Monday morning.

"So it's definitely something I've talked to my team about like, 'Hey, we should be cautious… 'I might crash on Monday. Let's take precautions.

"Maybe I do more meditating on Monday,' or whatever it is. 'Maybe I have more therapy or support.'"

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Demi added that planning for the Super Bowl was in progress but it was equally important to have something lined up afterwards to avoid the dip.

She added: "Then, obviously the Super Bowl will happen too. And that'll be really exciting.

"But it's important to plan ahead so you're not come Monday after the Grammys, I'm not sitting there like twiddling my thumbs like, 'Okay, what am I doing with my life now? Where do I get this from? How can I beat that high?' Just be prepared."

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