Disney Adds $5 Million To The Notre Dame Rebuild Fund

The Hollywood Reporter says that Disney is already planning the live-action Hunchback of Notre Dame movie. JK, no they aren’t, it’s way too soon–but they are donating $5 million towards the fund set up to rebuild the iconic Notre Dame after it was severely damaged in a fire. I see what you’re doing here: start working on the script and pre-production and then once the church is rebuilt you swoop in and start filming. I see you, Disney.

Millions of dollars have been raised so far toward rebuilding Notre Dame. Rich people of all walks of millionairehood have descended with their wallets open and ready to offer up donations to rebuild the cathedral that was horribly damaged by an hours-long fire on Monday which will see the building closed to the public for several years to come.

Disney, which made $325 million worldwide from their Hunchback movie, have added $5 million to the growing fund. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, made this statement:

“Notre Dame is a beacon of hope and beauty that has defined the heart of Paris and the soul of France for centuries, inspiring awe and reverence for its art and architecture and for its enduring place in human history… The Walt Disney Company stands with our friends and neighbors in the community, offering our heartfelt support as well as a $5 million donation for the restoration of this irreplaceable masterpiece.”

So to summarize the donations so far: $226 million from LVMH, $113 million from Kering, $200 million from L’Oreal and the Bettencourt family, and a spattering of other donations from places like the City of Cannes who will donate $13,000, which brings the total up to: $734 million. Trump has also vowed to help with the rebuilding of Notre Dame. It seems that nothing gathers people together and makes Trump vow to help like an awful tragedy…. …Unless you’re Flint, Michigan who still doesn’t have clean water, Haiti who never recovered from a hurricane, Puerto Rico who also has yet to recover from a hurricane, etc….

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