EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite slams Nigel Farage on Twitter: ‘Stop blaming immigrants’

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Tamzin Outhwaite, 49, criticised Nigel Farage after he uploaded footage of a dingy arriving at a beach with what he claimed was a “shocking invasion” of migrants. The former EastEnders actress did not take kindly to the remarks made by the Brexit Party leader after she revealed that her parents once adopted “a refugee” from Lebanon.

Yes they are alive

Tamzin Outhwaite

Nigel originally tweeted to his 1.6 million followers: “EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF BEACH LANDING BY MIGRANTS

“Shocking invasion on the Kent Coast taken this morning.”

Tamzin hit back: “See when I look at this Nige I do not see an ‘invasion’…

“I see a dingy with mainly young kids in and my first thought is ‘yes, they are alive’.”

After receiving responses from fans, the actress explained why she felt strongly on the issue of immigration.

She wrote: “A few xenophobic people on here saying stuff like… ‘why don’t the immigrants come live with you’

“‘You are just virtue signalling’

“Well I am my parents daughter & when I was a child my mum fostered children in care, we also had a refugee from Lebanon who had fled war. Cilia ….

“We thought she was a distant relative of mums & my parents couldn’t see her homeless. Turns out she was related.

“Was meant to stay 2 wks & ended up a year. She lived in the garage of our semi which my dad converted into her bedroom. “

Tamzin described how despite Cilia being a “bit annoying” the family grew to love her and showed compassion to her plight.

She continued: “Yes cilia was a bit annoying as she ….. hogged the only remote control of the only telly, but ultimately I am proud of my parents for that,& she was a resilient woman who was thankful for a roof & food. 

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“That’s where my compassion came from.” (sic)

The star urged that people should stop “blaming immigrants” for issues, as she finished her impassioned tweets.

“Maybe just stop blaming immigrants for everything when this country’s problems have nothing to do with them,” she said.

Tamzin has been vocal on social media about her thoughts on social issues.

During the coronavirus pandemic’s peak, the actress criticised those who refused to self-isolate.

She told her vast following to adhere to the government’s guidelines and stay inside where possible.

She fumed: “I can’t believe how many of you are still going out!”

Tamzin noted that for some, it was even more challenging as they were forced to separate for their children, and she felt thankful to be with family during isolation.

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