Everyone Is LOVING These Twins Reacting To Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight — WATCH!

Do you remember the first time you heard Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight?

If you do, we hope it was even remotely as memorable as it was for a set of twins named Tim and Fred Williams who recently discovered the song. The English drummer’s name started trending Friday on Twitter after the 21-year-olds from Gary, Indiana shared their absolutely priceless reaction to the classic ballad on their YouTube channel.

Once you get past the shock that someone has never heard the track before (Gen Z, take notes!), social media users were especially tickled by the hosts’ enthusiastic response to hearing Collin’s impressive drum fill, which famously occurs pretty late in the song, at about the 4:50 mark.

WATCH the now-viral clip for yourself (below):

LOLz, OMG! This was too good!

In this day and age, pure and unbridled joy like this is hard to come by and many shared their appreciation for the heartwarmingly hilarious video, tweeting:

We couldn’t agree more! We hope this dose of nostalgia (and music lesson, for some) added some joy to your day, Perezcious readers!

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