Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Star Jael Strauss Dies From Breast Cancer Two Months After Diagnosis

Jael Strauss, the 34-year-old America’s Top Model alum, revealed just two months ago in a Facebook post that she had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. On Tuesday, she sadly passed away while in hospice care.

As reported by AOL, her condition had drastically deteriorated on Monday night, with close friends saying she had been in a coma for a week leading up to her death. Her family had not been allowing visitors to see her in the hospice since she had slipped into the coma.

Following her death, her family has issued a statement regarding their tragic loss.

“The one blessing was that we were able to show her how loved she was before she passed. She brought so much light to people.”

At the end of October, just a month after her diagnosis, Strauss decided to stop undergoing chemotherapy. A month later, around Thanksgiving, she went into hospice care.

“First night in hospice,” she wrote on Facebook after being checked into hospice care.

“So many things I never knew about life. Or death. So many things.”

Strauss originally shared her diagnosis of incurable stage four breast cancer on October 4, telling fans that by the time it was discovered, it had already metastasized. A GoFundMe page was set up shortly after her diagnosis in order to help her with what was expected to be extensive medical bills.

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“I was gonna write some long thing but some of you guys deserve to know, On October 2nd I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer,” she wrote. “It has aggressively spread throughout my body and is incurable. With treatment it may prolong my life longer than the ‘few months’ doctors said I could make it. I don’t want to die,” she continued.

“I need another one of those miracles that I got back in 2013.”

Strauss was referring to her battle with alcoholism, and her struggle to get and stay sober.

She first spoke publicly about her battle with alcoholism in 2012 on Dr. Phil, and in August she celebrated five years of sobriety in a lengthy Instagram post. Strauss called her ability to get sober a miracle, and added that “we are never too broken to be put back together” regardless of how far they may have slipped. She added the constant support she had received from her friends and family throughout her battle had played a major part in saving her life on that occasion.

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