George Mackay Formed A Real Punk Band With His ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ Co-Star

George Mackay walks alongside a gal pal ahead of lockdown lifting in London, England earlier this week.

The 1917 actor wore a vintage Chelsea FC tee as he and his pal headed back to an apartment to hang with friends.

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In a recent interview with NME, George revealed that he started a band with his True History of the Kelly Gang co-star Earl Cave.

“Justin [Kurzel, director] was just like ‘I see those boys in a punk band and I want you to form a band before rehearsals’”, George recalled. “We had four weeks before we were all together for the shoot and he just said ‘I’ve booked you a gig in a bar in Melbourne. You need to come up with a name, and a set of songs to play a gig. That’s your challenge.’”

After completing the challenge issued, George and Earl now have an EP planned.

“We came through the film and we had this swagger of having made something and a gig that had gone well. We got this ‘f*** you’ attitude and we’d bonded after a couple of songs ended up in the film,” he said.

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You can check out the trailer for the movie now on!

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