Grammys 2020 Nominations Seemingly Leak Online

The 2020 Grammy Awards nominations were supposed to be revealed in full on Wednesday (November 20), but it appears as if they may have been released just a day early…sorta.

Let us explain!

Fans were quick to notice on the day before the nominations were supposed to be released, the Grammys artist pages changed.

For examples, fans noticed that Ariana Grande‘s artist page on the Grammys website used to say, “Nominations: 6.” After the apparent leak, her page was changed to say “Nominations: 11.” Since, as of November 19, 2019, Ariana only has six nominations, fans are now assuming that she has received 5 nominations in the 2020 Grammys list!

Numerous artist pages changed to reflect new nomination numbers, despite the fact that the list has not yet been officially released. However, the Recording Academy quickly changed the pages to reflect their original numbers (meaning as of right now, Ariana‘s artist page has her current nomination number to be 6.)

A fan updated everyone with the totals that are believed to be the nomination count for all the artists whose nomination number was altered on the Grammys site.

Tune in to Just Jared tomorrow, as we’ll post the full official list when available!

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