How many calories you will eat and drink on Christmas Day revealed

Christmas is a time for friends, family and festivities. It’s also a time for food – and lots of it.

The recommended average daily calorie intake is 2000 for a woman and 2500 for a man, but the festive season is a time when calorie-counting goes well and truly out of the window, and at no point is this more true than on Christmas Day itself.

Perhaps you are strict with controlling your calorie intake even on the most indulgent day of the year.

But most of us find ourselves scoffing everything in sight, regardless of any red warning signs on the labels.

The average Christmas dinner racks up 1450 calories – and that’s before you add on all the drinks, snacks and desserts. Second helping of pudding, you say? Oh, go on then! It is Christmas after all…

But it all adds up. Do you realise how much you’re actually putting in your mouth?

How many calories will you eat and drink on Christmas Day this year? Play our quiz to estimate your calorie consumption…

Of course, this quiz is a bit of fun and is in no way scientifically accurate.

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