'It's just like Bournemouth or something' – Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are conflicted over a move back to Howth

Loved-up husband and wife Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are still in discussions about the prospect of designing a dream home in Vogue’s native Dublin.

Vogue confessed on last night’s Late Late Show Valentine’s special that her dream is for her architect brother to design them a holiday home in Howth.

Spencer, however, appeared like he’d take a little more persuasion and confessed that he thought Howth was “just like Bournemouth or something” which drew a big reaction from the audience.

Vogue explained: “I’d say that we will live in London but I do want to have a base in Ireland, 100 per cent.”

She turned to Spencer: “You do too, you like coming back to Howth.”

Spencer, looking a little tentative, replied: “It is nice yeah, I like Howth.” 

He added: “I feel as though everyone from Howth thinks Howth is like the Holy Grail of the world and if you diss it in any kind of way, there’s like major issues.”

“It’s like Bournemouth or something, it’s the same thing.”

But Vogue countered that whenever she walks the piers in Howth she feels that she’s “just so lucky’.”

“I have to say I love Ireland so much, particularly Howth. My brother’s an architect so my dream is – our dream hopefully – I want him to design us a house in Howth. Not forever, we’re going to live in London, but just to have a place in Howth.”

In the end, Spencer admitted that “it’s very difficult to remove an Irish person from Ireland.”

The couple, who were teased by host Ryan Tubridy that they should have sorted this out in a pre-nuptial agreement, earlier recounted stories of how they first met, and how Vogue ended up having to pay on their first date at an exclusive restaurant.

“He took me to this really fancy restaurant and I mean it was very expensive,” she said. “…And he decided let’s go for champagne, but not by the bottle because that would have been too, like, not expensive. So he was ordering by the glass, by the glass, ordering loads and loads of food, and then eh, oh, he told me he loved me on the first date.”

“We’d known each other for a couple of months by then so…”

“Anyway, the bill comes along and I’m more than happy to pay my own way, but it was our first date and he’d been ordering everything on the menu, and then it turns out that he had forgotten his card.”

Spencer, laughing, explained that he’d been celebrating his win of the Jump series the night before and left his wallet in Austria. 

“It sounds like a dodgy trick… My wallet didn’t actually make it home… the evening after winning the Jump was a rather full-on event.”

He fell in love with Vogue because she’s “very active, ambitious, beautiful,” he said.

“And she can put up with me, which is great. And when you know, you know”.

“On the very first day of Jump ski practise in London, of all places… I actually joked to camera that we were going to get married…. we clicked really heavily right from the beginning. It felt like we’d been dating for a little while by the time our first date came around, if that makes any sense.”

Vogue had read about Spencer’s partying reputation before they met on the Jump, but she said he’d matured by that point.

“I was not the one to tame him. Spencer had tamed himself. He had grown up. That was when he was in his 20s and I mean, he has just grown up.”

Spencer, who previously worked in PR and stock broking, said he gave up alcohol since the arrival of their five-month-old son Theodore.

“Your priorities shift… coming from someone who used to be openly fairly selfish … you know, you put Vogue and Theodore first now… it works wonders for your character and just growing up and stuff.”

“Tried the moderation thing,” he said about alcohol. “Not that I used to drink heavily all the time, but I’ve always been, including in work, surrounded by alcoholic environments… I used to be a broker in the city, I’m sure any broker will tell you that a few drinks at lunchtime is very normal. Before that, I worked in nightclub PR.”

“To me it just became very normal to kind of be drinking, and it just got to the point where I felt like I had a responsibility as a man and I wanted to be sober for it, and for me it’s been a complete gamechanger, both in work and in my social life.”

“You won’t find a sober guy who says they’re worse-off for it.”

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