Jada Pinkett Smith: I Angrily Told My Late Father I Owe Him Nothing

Jada Pinkett Smith lost her cool with her troubled dad during their last conversation after discovering he was losing his battle to stay clean.

The actress and her half-brother Caleeb Pinkett chatted about their father, Robsol Pinkett, Jr., during the latest episode of Jada’s well-received “Red Table Talk” Facebook Watch series, and she revealed her last chat with him did not end well.

“When he died from that overdose, I got the call from Caleeb,” she recalled. “The most difficult part of him dying like that was ’cause he and I had a horrendous fight when I found out that he’d relapsed. I was like, ‘I don’t owe you nothin’ – you didn’t do s**t for me, you didn’t do s**t for Caleeb’ (sic).”

The “Girls Trip” star’s brother added, “I had the same conversation with him, I was furious. He told me, ‘That’s what the disease is. Like, this is who I am’. And that was deep.”

“He adopted a young girl, so we have an adopted sister,” he explained. “And that was a little jolting for me. The idea that I had a father that didn’t raise me, but then chose to take on (someone) else.”

Robsol died from a drug overdose after three years of sobriety and Jada still has problems forgiving her father: “(He told me), ‘I can’t be your father. I’m a criminal, I’m an addict, and that’s just what it is.’ ”

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