Jeremy Kyle and pregnant fiancee Vicky Burton pat matching bumps for Halloween

Jeremy Kyle has made a rare public appearance after the cancellation of his ITV show and the savaging he received at the hands of MPs after failing to give evidence to a select committee .

The former chat show host was spotted with his pregnant fiancee Vicky Burton all dressed up for the Newcastle Halloween Ball.

Jezza, 54, dolled himself up as Shrek for the star-studded night out, while his children's nanny-turned-girlfriend Vicky went as Princess Fiona.

The pair even had matching bumps that they patted while posing for pictures.

A green-tinged Jeremy looked serious as he showed off his casually put together outfit, which consisted of green tartan trousers, a beige tunic and a leather jerkin and boots.

He'd painted his face and hands bright green and donned a pair of waggly ears to complete his look.

Vicky, meanwhile, opted for a long grey and blue dress which flowed over her baby bump.

She accessorised with a long red wig, a bright blue jewelled necklace and a golden crown.

The happy couple announced they were expecting their first child together back in August

"Vick and I couldn’t be happier to say we’re expecting our first baby together," he said at the time.

"We've told our families and everyone is delighted."

Jeremy is already dad to daughters Harriet, 29, Alice, 15, Ava, 13, and son Henry, 10, from his previous marriages to Kirsty Rowley and Carla Germaine.

The TV star was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012 and had to have one of his testicles removed.

The 54-year-old grandfather raised eyebrows when he proposed to his kids' nanny in February 2018 after a year of dating, but they had already known each other for a decade.

Vicky was responsible for looking after his three youngest children, but it's believed the couple didn't get together until she had stopped working for the family in April 2016.

Jeremy went his separate ways from ex-wife Carla after 13 years of marriage, in September 2015, officially getting divorced five months later .

Carla, who met Jeremy while he was a radio DJ, cited her husband's "unreasonable behaviour" in their quickie divorce in 2016.

When news of Jeremy and Vicky’s relationship first broke , Carla said: "I'm in shock. She was my nanny for nine years. She looked after my babies. We were best friends. But I haven't heard anything from her."

Jeremy and Vicky are believed to be planning their nuptials for the summer of 2020 in the Caribbean, where they holidayed together with his kids and Carla.

It's been a tricky year for him after The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in the wake of guest Steve Dymond's suicide.

Jeremy then refused to give evidence to the Digital, Culture Media and Sport Select Committee in the summer when MPs launched a probe into reality TV and shows' duty of care to stars.

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