Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mistakes Justin Theroux for Justin Trudeau – Watch Here!

Jimmy Kimmel accidentally mistakes his guest Justin Theroux for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a hilarious segment on last night’s (December 4) Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“The likable leader of our friends up north” who “just signed a major trade agreement with President Trump and is a prime piece of minister on top of that,” Jimmy introduced while decking out his live studio in all things Canada for the fun of it.

Justin did admit that sometimes the mix-up does happen: “It doesn’t happen to me in life, it happens often in an online context or my DM’s or someone is outraged that he slighted Trump,” he said. “It never happens in the reverse.”

Justin also talked about his heritage, taking an ancestry test, his new movie about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Guillermo helps them find out where the term “widows peak” gets its name.


Also pictured: Justin spotted keeping it cool and casual while arriving making his way out of LAX Airport after his flight from New York on Monday (December 3) in Los Angeles.

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