Jockey Victor Espinoza Axe Swinging In Mexico Just 6 Months After Near-Death Crash

Legendary jockey Victor Espinoza is a BEAST … ’cause just six months after nearly dying in a training accident — the dude was choppin’ down a tree in Mexico!!!

TMZ Sports broke the story … the Hall of Famer was severely injured after a horse he was riding went into cardiac arrest on the track on July 22 in Del Mar, California.

Victor nearly died from the fall … with a chipped bone in his neck almost cutting an artery.

But, we’re told Victor’s well on the road to recovery — and his workout while he was visiting family this week in Yucatan clearly proves that.

The dude hacked away at a tree with an axe the size of his body … and yeah, he looked like his neck’s doing just fine.

We’re told Victor will be back on a horse January 1 … and he’s actually expected to start racing again in mid-January.


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