Jonathan Ross wife: ‘She doesn’t need to trust me’ Host speaks out about keeping ‘secrets’

Jonathan Ross, 58, insisted his other half Jane Goldman, 49, “doesn’t need to trust him” with top secret elements of the Game of Thrones prequel, which is rumoured to be titled The Long Night. She is currently writing the script for the upcoming HBO series and The Jonathan Ross Show host admitted he has already watched some “early cuts” of the pilot episode. However, the star remained adamant he won’t spill any details about the drama because he knows how “important” it is to not divulge any spoilers. Opening up about his wife’s work on the programme, Jonathan told the Metro newspaper: “She doesn’t need to trust me with secrets. 

It’s very easy not to talk to people about it because I know how important it is.

Jonathan Ross

“I’ve seen a couple of early cuts of the pilot. 

“It’s very easy not to talk to people about it because I know how important it is.”

Jonathan also revealed he is spending the majority of his time in Belfast while Jane works on the series.

The TV personality explained he is focusing on supporting his partner due to her “demanding” job and is taking on household tasks while she is busy.

He said: “Being there alone when Jane was working was great — I was doing all the shopping and cooking, looking after the house, reading and drawing.”

The presenter surprised the writer-producer with a delicious sweet treat, adding: “Her job is very demanding at the moment so the other day I baked her a cake. 

“We’re on a ketogenic diet — we try not to eat too many carbohydrates.

“It was a very light, spongy cake made with coconut flour. 

“For the creamy top I used cream cheese mixed with stevia to sweeten it and a bit of vanilla essence. It was f***ing delicious.”

Jonathan previously spoke out about the key to his successful 30-year marriage with Jane in a candid interview with Loose Women in 2015.

He told panelists: “I think we are much more of an equal partnership than we have ever been before in our lives.

“When we first got together, she was very young… I wasn’t that old but I was considerably older and she came straight from home with her parents.

“And I think the relationship carried on… I was sort of a parent figure as well as a husband.

“Now that we’re both getting older, she has an incredible career of her own and I think she got a bit tired a few years ago of me making decisions without telling her which I would do.

“I would be like, ‘We are doing this,’ and, ‘Oh, I’ve done up the spare room,’ and she’d be like, ‘Why?’”

The couple have three children together Betty, 27, Harvey, 25 and Honey, 22.

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