Kamala Harris Makes History Accepting Vice Presidential Nomination at DNC 2020 – Watch!

It’s official – Kamala Harris is the Democratic nominee for Vice President!

The 55-year-old Senator made history accepting the VP nomination on Wednesday (August 19) during the 2020 Democratic National Convention, making her the first Black woman and first South Asian American woman to be a VP nominee on a major-party ticket.

“I accept your nomination for vice president of the United States of America. I do so committed to the values [my mother] taught me, to the word that teaches me to walk by faith and not by sight,” Senator Harris said. “And to a vision passed on through generations of Americans, one that Joe Biden shares, a vision of our nation as a beloved community, where all are welcome.”

Senator Harris praised her Indian immigrant mother fro raising her and her sister to be “proud strong Black woman,” and then called out the systemic racism that is going on today.

“And let’s be clear — there is no vaccine for racism,” Senator Harris said. “We’ve gotta do the work. For George Floyd. For Breonna Taylor. For the lives of too many others to name.”

“We’re at an inflection point. The constant chaos leaves adrift. The incompetence makes us feel afraid,” Senator Harris continued. “The callousness makes us feel alone. It’s a lot. And here’s the thing: We can do better and deserve so much more. We must elect a president who will bring something different, something better, and do the important work. A president who will bring all of us together—Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indigenous—to achieve the future we collectively want. We must elect Joe Biden.”

You can watch Kamala Harris‘ entire acceptance speech now.

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