Kelsey And Kayte Grammer Are Not Worried About Climate Change

Even though he’s the father of 7 children ranging in age from 35 to to 2, Kelsey Grammer isn’t particularly worried about the future. He and wife Kayte Grammer held their own little summit on climate change in the driveway of some house in Brentwood, CA and have assured us, the American people, that everything is going to be A-OK. While Kayte, who mistakenly thought TMZ was interested in what she had to say, claimed climate change is “a myth”, Kelsey was a little more circumspect. He thinks it’s all just scientists trying to “keep us on our toes”. I have to wonder though, if the truth is that they’re not worried about it because they already purchased a double-wide family pod on the Mars re-population shuttle.

Here’s TMZ interviewing a renowned TV psychologist about science.

Were they really talking about another ice age in the 1920s? And, I must be dumb, because wouldn’t that also be considered a change in the climate, aka climate change? But science scmience, amiright? Who needs dorks in lab coats when your overseas tax shelters are high up in the Swiss alps? By the time sea levels rise to that point, Kelsey and Kayte’s great-grandchildren will be light years away, sucking on freeze dried champagne and picking whichever genius scientist’s genetic material they’d like to get impregnated with out of a holographic catalog.

Pic: YouTube

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