Kendall Jenner got bangs and looks like a completely different person

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yes, no, maybe so?

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yes, no, maybe so?

I love how my various dislikes/hatreds are so universally known that people often send me “tips” on sh-t that they know I’ll hate. Like, if Duchess Kate wears something particularly buttony, I get tweets and they are golden. So too with my bangs hatred – and to be clear, because I feel like I have to say this every time, not every “bangs” hairstyle is awful. Some women really do have the face to pull off certain kinds of bangs. I will never, EVER be a fan of baby-bangs, nor will I ever think those too-long, shaggy, thick bangs look good. But sure, in general, I judge on a case-by-case basis. Usually the best outcome is that bangs are a wash – they don’t make someone look better or worse, just different.

So it is with Kendall Jenner, who debuted her new bangsy hairstyle on Instagram this week. Kendall has done the long-hair, no-bangs, center-part look for years. But… she’s also been tweaking her face for years now, and I think the bangs are associated with that. As in, she went for a new hairstyle to mask some of the work she’s had done of her face, so that when people are like “she looks so different,” she can just say “it’s the bangs.” And whoa does she look different. The lip augmentation with this family needs to stop. Their lip guy is doing them a grave disservice. Kendall went from looking like the freshest, most natural Kardash-Jenner to looking like her mother’s plastic clone.

And yes, I hate these bangs. They look incredibly dated on her. She looked better without them.

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