Kourtney Kardashian Co-Parents with Scott Disick, Trolls Sofia Richie

They often say that Internet trolls weigh, like, 400 pounds and live in their mother’s basement.

But Kourtney Kardashian is here to disprove that theory.

She’s here to say that trolls can also be hot and sexy and seductive and sizzling and… wait, sorry. We lost our train of thought.

Oh, right. Here we go again:

Kourtney has posted a new photo to her Instagram page, very clearly trolling either Internet users in general or one Internet user in particular:

Sofia Richie.

The picture (above) features Kourtney in a fancy and revealing black dress.

Her cleavage and her bare legs are very much on display… she’s lying on a bed… ex-boyfriend Scott Disick and six-year old daughter Penelope are in the background… and Kardashian has written one word as the caption:


This is a fact, of course.

We’ve often given Kourtney and Scott props for always placing their three kids above all else.

It’s clear that no matter what turmoil has existed personally between Kardashian and Disick, they have always been sure not to let it affect their relationship with their children.

But most folks seem to agree that something else is going on here, aside from Kourtney simply stating that she and Scott are watching their toddler together.

To wit:

“Not coparenting. Just manipulating the situation to upset the girlfriend. Not the maturity of an almost 40-year-old. Grow up,” wrote one person in the comments section alongside this photo.

Another called out Kardashian for being “disrespectful” to Sofia Richie, who has been dating Disick for well over a year now.

And then a third accused Kourtney of trying to make Richie feel “insecure.” 

It’s been rumored forever, of course, that Disick is still sleeping with Kardashian.

Just about a month ago, Scott, Sofia and Kourtney all had dinner together, hoping to quell this kind of chatter or at least talk about an awkward situation in which Richie would be spending a lot of time with Kourtney’s son and daughters.

The meal hasn’t really slowed down the rumor mill, however.

After Kourtney posed nude for GQ Mexico recently, for example, many assumed she was sending some sort of message to Disick.

I’ve still got it if you ever want it, you know?

And then Richie must not have been comforted by reading about how much Disick appreciated seeing his ex-lover’s birthday suit again.

This remains a very tenuous arrangement all around.

It’s certainly possible that Kourtney didn’t mean much by posting the photograph here of her and Disick in bed — but does anyone really believe that?

How much Richie have felt upon seeing it?

No matter how much she may love Scott and no matter how much she may even think Scott loves her, the fact remains that he has multiple children with Kourtney and always will.

She will never be able to compete with the bond this creates between parents.

And Kourtney just went out her way to send Sofia a reminder.

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