Kyle Richards: Lisa Vanderpump is Ghosting the Entire Cast!

Even though Lisa Vanderpump promises she’s not quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there remains tension with her castmates.

Kylie Richards is speaking up, and saying that she has been iced out by Lisa.

But she claims that it’s not for lack of trying on her part.

Kyle Richards spoke with Us Weekly about getting the cold shoulder from Lisa Vanderpump.

“I have made an effort,” Kyle says.

Kylie continues, saying that her efforts to touch base with Lisa took the form of “emails and text messages.”

Those are the two nicest ways to contact someone.

“And, you know,” Kyle laments. “I don’t know what else to do.”

Kyle says that Lisa is fully in control of whether or not they reconcile.

“As far as I’m concerned,” Kyle continues. “The ball is in her court …”

That may be a matter of time, or it may never happen.

Kyle is clearly holding back from saying too much.

“I don’t want to get myself in trouble here,” Kyle apologizes.

Her hesitation may have to do with the show, but we imagine that she just doesn’t want to make things worse with Lisa.

That said, Kyle says that she did not receive a personal invitation to Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs show.

“The other years I was invited, I received an invitation,” Kyle says.

“I know she might have said that it’s a charity and you can just show up,” Kyle continues.

“But in the year’s past,” she says. “We’ve been invited.”

“I received an invitation,” she repeats, noting the snub.

That said, Kyle says that she supported the good cause despite not being invited.

“I went,” she assures the world. “I supported Vanderpump Dogs.”

Kyle affirms that she “always support that.”

There are a lot of dog-lovers in her family — and, you know, in the world.

Kyle says that she supports what Lisa is “doing with the Vanderpump Dogs and the foundation is amazing and I love and respect her for that.”

Still, she’s very conscious that Lisa didn’t make her feel welcome at the event.

And, with the interviewer likely prodding her for more, the subject doesn’t go away.

“But two cast members were invited and the others weren’t,” Kyle shares.

That sends a pretty clear signal.

“So if you’re not invited, you don’t want to show up where you’re not invited,” Kyle reasons.

She continues; “where you don’t think you’re going to be welcome, you know?”

We do know.

That said, a source close to Lisa (but not Lisa herself) tells Us Weekly that Kyle’s gripe is a load of malarkey.

Per the insider: “it’s bulls–t to say the women weren’t invited.”

That’s a bold statement.

Are we meant to believe that Kyle is lying, or that her invite was lost in the mail?

“They iced out the gala and chose not to attend,” the source claims.

In the wise words of Oprah Winfrey; “What is the truth?”

Could it be that both sides are a little bit right?

Maybe Lisa didn’t go overboard to make her castmates feel equally welcome at her charity event.

And maybe this came after Lisa felt like her castmates were being unfair to her.

There is so much about this that we do not yet know.

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