Kylie Jenner Celebrates Birthday By Rocking World’s Tiniest Bikini

These days, Kylie Jenner is the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire, but she hasn’t forgotten what made her family famous in the first place.

We’re talking, of course, about the art of showing lots of skin on social media,

Kylie turned 23 this week, and she celebrated in baller fashion befitting a young billionaire.

She flew her entire family to Turks and Caicos for the type of partying that’s currently only avilable to people who can afford private jet access.

As we’ve said many times over the past few months, Kylie’s quarantine content has been thoroughly on point throughout the pandemic.

Whether she was making her fans laugh with wine mom memes or making them … um, feel other ways by twerking in a bikini, Kylie made productive use of the time she spent stuck at home by spending her time with daughter by day and entertaining the masses at night.

There were concerns that she had set the bar too high and would be unable to maintain that level of quality once the world began to re-open.

But Kylizzle’s latest round of travel pics have firmly put those fears to rest.

“Me again,” she captioned her first snap from the tropical paradise.

It may have been her birthday, but clearly, Kylie felt that her fans deserved a present, because she continued posting revealing pics throughout the trip.

“Too good 2 be true,” she captioned the photo below.

It’s unclear if Kylie was referring to her island surroundings, or her own curves, but the sentiment applies either way.

The makeup mogul was solo in all of her pics, but it seems she did get all gussied up to party with her entire family at one point.

She posted the pic below, in which she’s seen rocking an ensemble that she described in the caption as “her birthday dress.”

Apparently, Kylie liked the look so much she simply couldn’t keep her hands off herself!

But for most of her time in the tropics, Kylie sported a more casual, island-appropriate look.

Of course, “casual” for Kylie means sporting a dress that probably costs more than your car, but hey — at least she looks comfortable.

The trip was also noteworthy as the latest step in Rob Kardashian’s long-awaited comeback.

The black sheep of the Kard clan posted a photo of himself hanging out in a pool with Tristan Thompson, who only recently stopped pretending that he’s not back together with Khloe Kardashian.

“Most Beautiful trip of my Life with the Fam HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kyliejenner Love You WOO!!” an obviously-ecstatic Rob captioned the photo.

Kylie was a little less demonstrative in her response, replying, “love u.”

But hey, it seems that after some major rough patches, the entire Kar-Jenner clan is back on god terms with one anoher.

And just as importantly, Kylie is still posting the best swimwear pics of her entire career.

And for that, we thank her.

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