Lauren Goodger defends Little Mix and Cheryl’s sexy performances

Now’s resident columnist Lauren Goodger opens up about Cheryl’s raunchy performance, her new business venture and top fitness secrets.

Girl Power

Another week, another attack on Cheryl! I don’t understand what the problem suddenly seems to be. Her performance on The X Factor was raunchy, yes, but so are loads of pop stars!

Talking of The X Factor, Little Mix have come out with a video for their new single Strip and painted words of abuse they’ve all had thrown at them over the years on their naked bodies. Some are saying they’re using sex to sell records but, as someone who’s been trolled, 
I am glad that they’re raising awareness of this.


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Perhaps their fans won’t feel as bad about some comment a playground or social media bully made about them when they see that even their idols face the same troubles, too. Go, Little Mix!

I love
boot camp!

I just spent another week at Prestige Boot Camp in Portugal to focus on my mind, body and soul. We ate amazing meals, which were freshly prepared and designed for weight loss, yet I still enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and burgers with sweet potato fries!

We did lots of different sessions, including HIIT, boxing and, of course, booty building with the camp’s signature Glutes of Steel class being one of my faves.

We went on beautiful coastal hikes with the stunning 
Portugal scenery and it’s a brilliant place 
to recharge and reconnect. Check it 
out at 
or follow on Instagram 
@prestigebootcamp for fitness and motivation!

My secret is revealed!

I’ve started a dating website called and in less than 24 hours it had loads of sign-ups! It got a lot of attention when it was prematurely launched last week.

It’s nothing seedy, it’s just like most dating apps out there. And of course I wouldn’t encourage cheating! People need to lighten up – it’s just a bit of fun. Anyway, what’s that saying? No publicity is bad publicity!

Instagram madness

I had a little rant on Instagram the other day because some busybody has been stalking my posts and reporting them as false advertising!

I’m not stupid and I know the rules and regulations with regards to paid posts. It’s sad that people assume everything you post must be paid content!

One of the posts they reported made me laugh, though. It was of one of my Chanel bags – LOL! As if Chanel would ever do a paid post with any celebrity, let alone me. 
I paid for that with my hard-earned cash, thanks. People need to get a life. I’m never going to stop doing what 
I want to do just to please people I don’t even know!

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