Louis Tomlinson Helps 83-Year-Old Fan Fulfill His Bucket List – Watch Now!

Louis Tomlinson just released the heartwarming video for his song “Two of Us.”

On Wednesday (April 24), the 27-year-old singer took to Instagram to introduce fan to 83-year-old Richard Green, who lost his wife Pat to Alzheimer’s disease in December 2016, the same month as Louis‘ mother Johannah passed away following a battle with leukemia.

“A month or so ago I met an amazing man called Richard. He had a few things he wanted to do so I thought I’d help him out,” Louis shared.”Richard is a classic example of a fearless man who in light of tragedy still pushes himself to live with as much laughter and happiness as possible.”

Louis continues: “I lost someone around the same time. My mum. I heard Richard had a bucket list. Things he’d always wanted to do. So I went to see him.”

From flying a helicopter and driving a race car, to riding a roller coaster and singing in a packed arena, Louis helped Richard accomplish things on his bucket list. Richard even gave Louis a tattoo!

“It’s been a good time with you, Louis,” Richard shared with Louis, who then added, “It’s been lovely. No bulls–t. Actually spending real time with you and feeling like we’ve gotten to know each other. It’s been really nice.”

Louis and Richard are also encouraging fans to make donations to Cancer Research and the Alzheimer’s Society and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

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