Meghan Markle Fans Not Alone, Just Ask Piers Morgan’s Head-Banging Co-Workers

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has left his co-workers finding activities like hand-banging as his rants go on and on.

Meghan Markle had a verbal portrait painted recently by Piers Morgan and it was far from a Picasso of words. Calling Meghan a “ruthless social climbing actress” sent Meghan Markle’s fans to the social media sites to slam Piers Morgan for his Good Morning Britain rant.

The former Suits star’s fans are not alone when attempting to cope with a Piers Morgan spew. Even his co-workers have taken to head-banging, chores, and grooming tasks as they suffer-through his frequent bouts of long-lasting and sometimes nasty chastising.

While Piers Morgan said some less than stellar things about Meghan Markle, it looks like his co-workers are so used to these rants. It is such a frequent occurrence, Morgan monopolizing the screen, that they have activities they do when he gets going.

While the Meghan Markle is “ruthless” spew gathered a ton of attention, it was just one of his many incidents. Morgan often shares his negatives thoughts on people and topics on Good Morning Britain.

Even Piers Morgan himself is aware of the effect he has on his co-workers. After he pointed out the need for “little cameras” on all his co-workers to catch their reaction to his rants, like the recent one on veganism, his co-workers obliged.

While it was all done in jest, Morgan’s co-workers showed him what they do while he goes on and on with one of his rants. They posted videos of how they spend their time as Morgan takes up screen time, reports The Independent.

As Piers Morgan goes off on-air with one of his many rants, a couple of his co-workers demonstrated how they do chores. Rachel Sweeney showed up in a video demonstrating how Morgan’s rants give her time to get some ironing done. Victoria Whittam from ITV News West Country cleans TV screens and cameras as seen below.

It looks like ITV News West Country presenter Matthias Kurth uses his time during a Morgan rant for a little grooming. As you can see in the clip below, he’s getting a shave.

Perhaps it was Sascha Williams of ITV News Anglia who demonstrated an activity that many can sympathize with. When Piers Morgan gets going on a spew, Sascha simply bangs her head against the wall, which she’s seen doing in the clip below.

Not only did Morgan call Meghan Markle a “ruthless social climber” in his rant, but he also suggested that there’s some truth to the latest “leaks” concerning Meghan, according to the Daily Mail. Buckingham Palace recently addressed the rumors about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle at odds, calling them false.

Now Morgan, who is a personality well-known in the UK, comes along and adds more fuel to that fire. At least Meghan Markle fans can take some comfort in knowing that Morgan is known for these rants. She is certainly not the first or last target Piers Morgan will ever have. Even his co-workers are finding ways to cope with him as he spews off.

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