Michael Richards Gives Heckler Advice to NBA Players, Don't Lose Your Cool!

Michael Richards admits he hasn’t always been great at dealing with hecklers — duh — but he’s now dishing out advice to other stars in the hopes they can learn from his mistakes. 

Remember, back in 2006 the “Seinfeld” star lost his mind on a heckler at the Laugh Factory — dropping a bunch of n-bombs in a tirade that was captured on video. 

He’s apologized for the incident several times since then and even met with Jesse Jackson in the hopes of repairing his relationship with the black community. 

So, with NBA players getting heckled like crazy by fans these days — specifically Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant — we asked Richards if he had any words of wisdom. 

“I didn’t handle the heckler too good that evening,” Richards told us.

But, he did advise the players to not feed into the trash-talkers — even though it might be hard — and try to focus on doing their jobs. 

“Just remember, you’re there to entertain people. Stay with the entertainment. We need it.”

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