Missy Elliott Drops $1,300 to Give Bride Her Dream Dress

Missy Elliott‘s helping dreams come true for a bride-to-be on a tight budget … by covering the cost of the wedding dress she’d been eyeing.

Ireanna Bradshaw‘s getting married in March, but she and her fiance, Roderick Purdie, are also trying to move into their own place while planning the wedding, and long story short … the costs were pilling up.

Ireanna shared that she found her dream dress — a beautiful floral plus-size style from David’s Bridal for $1,300 — but didn’t think she’d be able to afford it … and that’s when Missy stepped in.

The rapper congratulated Ireanna, but also followed up with a message saying “Your Dress is paid for now.” Sure enough, Ireanna tells us she was in a restaurant with her mom when she saw Missy sent the money in full … and broke down in tears.

Ireanna says Missy’s been an inspiration for a long time — one who helped her love herself and be open to love … which brought her to Roderick.

She says without the financial gift she would have had to settle for a simple white dress or something much cheaper. Ireanna tells us Missy “literally made it possible for me to have my dream dress and be confident on the most precious day in my life.”

Cheers to the bride … and cheers to Missy!

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