Natasha Marc working with a former Navy SEAL to help hurricane victims in Louisiana

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After Natasha Marc and her family survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the actress decided she wanted to give back to others who had also lost everything.

Marc teamed up with retired 13-year Navy SEAL Sean Matson, and most recently the pair worked together to donate products such as hand sanitizer and other bacteria-fighting products to Louisiana residents via his company Shop Decon and the nonprofit Team Rubicon.

Together they raised donations consisting of more than 4,200 units of supplies after Hurricane Delta hit the region last month. 

"I thought it was pretty cool that we were able to collaborate because I am from New Orleans, born and raised," Marc, 34, told Fox News. "And I ended up in Los Angeles to pursue my career in acting. But it was because of a hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, where I was rescued and had to relocate because I had lost everything."

The experience put in perspective what mattered most to Marc. She was thankful for her life and safety but knew her city would need help recuperating. 

Matson is also well aware of the assistance people need in Louisiana to get back on their feet. He recalled that because of his background in the Navy, he knew how difficult it can be getting necessary products to people in demolished locations. 

Actress Natasha Marc works with former Navy SEAL Sean Matson to help distribute supplies to Louisianna hurricane survivors. 
(Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

"Our primary [focus] is social impact. … Every product that is purchased on our website, we can also donate that," he explained. 

In fact, so far his company has sent over $3,000 worth of product and supplies down to New Orleans to help battle through the pandemic and hurricane.


He added that any amount of money donated is welcomed and appreciated. "Every American can help," Matson said. "Any amount goes a long way. You don't know what it can potentially do, how it could help someone in a dire situation."

Former Navy SEAL Sean Matson served for 13 years.

Marc, who stars alongside Ethan Hawke in Showtime's "The Good Lord Bird," said since working with Matson she's more conscientious about what kind of charitable impact studios or large productions companies have, and she wants to work with companies who care about their communities.

"I definitely want to know what charity or where the money is going or who is getting funded," she explained. 


"It's definitely something that my team and I discuss because it's my name and I want to be attached to doing good work and giving back to the community and how it's not just going to affect me in the long run but generations after me," Marc added.

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