Netflix's 'Daredevil' Canceled After 3 Seasons

It’s a sad time for Marvel fans. After the emotionally ravaging spectacle that was Avengers: Infinity War premiered earlier this year, many MCU followers have been in a downward spiral. Following the death of Marvel co-creator Stan Lee, the bad news continues as Daredevil has been canceled at Netflix.

Daredevil Season 3 premiered in October and the streamer has already decided not to move ahead with another season. The show joins the likes of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, which Netflix cancelled earlier this year.

Season 3 followed Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) as he reintroduced himself to society after the events of Marvel’s The Defenders. While he was presumed dead, Matt healed, focused on himself, and eventually shunned the Daredevil mantle. When he reappeared, he wore the same outfit he donned during Season 1 as Hell’s Kitchen’s vigilante.

Matt not only had Wilson Fisk to grapple with, but Bullseye (played by Hart of Dixie’s Wilson Bethel), who paraded around in the Daredevil costume causing mayhem and death in order to tarnish the vigilante’s name (and that of every other hero in the city).

Many viewers thought Season 3 was thrilling, but alas, Netflix pulled the plug anyway, adding the show to its startling number of cancellations this year. Netflix has killed 21 shows in 2018 alone, including the previously mentioned Marvel shows, Lady Dynamite, The Break with Michelle Wolf, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The only Marvel shows remaining at Netflix are Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s The Punisher, which have been picked up for Season 3 and Season 2, respectively. However, it’s possible these shows are also nearing their ends, considering the platform’s original content purge.

The recent cancellation spree calls Netflix’s future into question. Why is the streaming giant cutting its original content so harshly? If the company can afford to spend $100 million to maintain the rights to Friends, surely it can afford the few million it takes to produce new, high quality series — even if they’re not mega-hits.

At the same time, Netflix has approved of sequels like The Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding and the yet-to-be-filmed second chapter of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Could original movies be the future of the streamer? It would be unfortunate if Netflix decided to pull away from creating new, exciting series, especially considering the popularity of binge-watching, which has drastically reduced live TV viewership.

Another thing that could explain the many Marvel cancellations is Disney’s upcoming streaming site, Disney+. Disney owns most of the rights to Marvel, and it’s close to acquiring Fox, which owns the remaining Marvel properties, like X-Men. It’s unclear if these shows will be revived on Disney’s streaming site.

While we may never know why Netflix chose to eliminate half its television line-up, the news is disappointing. Netflix’s take on Marvel vigilantes and heroes was fantastic, so it’s sad that we’ll never see its actors reprise their roles.

Hopefully Jessica Jones and The Punisher won’t follow the pack when their upcoming seasons premiere.

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