Nick Viall SLAMS Hannah Brown’s Frontrunner: I F–king Hate Luke Parker!

If you caught the premiere of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, there were likely a few guys from the initial pack of 30 who stood out to you.

Obviously, there’s the fella Hannah sent packing when she learned he had a girlfriend at home.

(“Had” is the operative word there, as we’re guessing that relationship ended soon after dude returned to Chicago.)

Obviously, Hannah was smart to 86 that skeevy f-ck boy, but some of her other decisions were rather questionable.

One of our biggest complaints is that she sent home the beloved Box King, Joe Barsano.

(But fear not, loyal Box Peasants, it’s currently rumored that Barsano will be joining the cast of The Bachelor In Paradise for the show’s upcoming sixth season.)

For former Bachelor star Nick Viall, however, Hannah Beast’s biggest misstep was allowing herself to be taken in by Luke Parker.

Luke was the recipient of Hannah’s first impression rose, and it seems Nick is one of the many who believe she made the wrong choice.

On the latest episode of Nick’s Viall Files podcast, co-host Juliet Litman expressed some misgivings about Parker — and then Nick really went off:

“Luke P. seems really fake,” Juliet said.

Nick quickly replied, “Seems?”

“The world’s full of the less fortunate and people in need, but no, [God] took the time to visit Luke P. in the shower because he was getting too much sex,” Nick said of Luke’s comments in his intro segment.

“I really f–king hate him,” Viall added.

“He’s a terrible human being.”

Jeez. Tell us what you really think, Nick!

“I don’t know if it will reveal itself this season. He may just keep saying all the right things long enough to not look like an a–hole, but mark my words, at some point we will all see the real Luke P,” Viall’s tirade continued.

“His opening line to Hannah was describing himself as ‘the king of the jungle’ and [saying] hopefully, she will be his queen,” he added.

“It’s her goddamn season. He’s already claiming ownership. This little piece of s–t.”

On Twitter, Nick was no less harsh in his assessment of Luke:

“Also, Luke P seems like the type of guy who is capable of being really s–tty and then defends his action by saying ‘Only God can judge me.’ Not true Luke, I’m judging you right now,” Viall tweeted, adding:

“Also, I hate your tie. #theBachelorette.”

If you’re familiar with our Bachelorette spoilers, then you know that Luke plays a big role in the episodes to come.

If not, you may not want to read any further.

According to the master of spoilers, Reality Steve, Luke makes it into Hannah’s final four, but he gets no further than that.

That means that for the first time in 5 seasons, the recipient of the first impression rose did not go on to win it all.

So does Nick know something that we don’t?

Did Luke reveal his true character at the worst possible moment?

Only time — and possibly additional spoilers — will tell.

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