Nipsey Hussle reportedly talked back to killer during shooting

Nipsey Hussle might still be alive — if he hadn’t talked back to his shooter, according to a report Sunday.

Accused killer Eric Holder shot the Grammy nominee once and had begun to walk away when the wounded Hussle said something to him to the effect of, “You shot me, you got me, I’m good,” TMZ reported, quoting what it said were sources at the scene.

An enraged Holder then turned around and squeezed off more shots in the direction of the 33-year-old rapper, killing him, the report said.

Surveillance video of the March 31 shooting shows Hussle raising his head after the initial shot. The gunman can then be seen approaching Hussle as he lays on the ground and firing two more shots in his direction before kicking him and fleeing towards an alley.

Sources told the site that just before the shooting, the suspect confronted Hussle about whether he ratted him out to the cops. Feeling disrespected, the suspect went to get a gun and came back to carry out the murder.

Holder, 29, was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday and is being held on $5 million bond on charges of murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a felon.

His next court date is May 10.

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